Social Media Analytics for Marketing

In today’s modern society, whether a product is successful is based on analysis and tracking through its formation and development. Taking steps alongside your product to make the right adjustments as well as feel the comments of consumers is essential. So how can that be?

Using today’s advanced technology, the Internet, through social networking sites, to capture the fastest way to reach customers is what all marketers are aiming to do today.

Social marketing is always a great tool for businesses. The number of people who join the social network grows every minute, and if your business does not participate in the big party, you’re missing out on opportunities. of social networking and use it to generate business results?

In order to embark on a social marketing campaign, you first need to pay attention to the following four issues:

– Organize daily time for social activity: This is more reasonable when you set a consistent time.

– Select a social network to start: There are many social networks today, and if you start all over you will be inundated with dozens of jobs and problems with no name. Choose a social network to start and stabilize your work. Facebook is a good choice for beginners that you should try.

– Create your first business activities.

– Optimize your social networking site and build relationships with your customers.

First of all, Facebook is the world’s leading social networking site. Where all the most critical information, the most useful or simply the pictures shared with the reader, have invisibly created a unique bond between people without any particular obstruction anywhere. And in the current trend, the researchers also show that the success of a successful product is based on the successful use of this social networking site.facebook-logo.jpg

According to Facebook statistics for February/2016 shows the number of surfers per month is 30 million people. The average daily usage of 2.5 hours is mainly through mobile devices, which doubles the time spent watching television. The age of 18-34 accounts for the number of Facebook users.

Facebook usage is 13% higher than the average daily social network users worldwide. As you can see how popular Facebook social network in our country, it really is a fertile soil. If you know how to exploit and use this land effectively, you will surely grow a good and thriving plant.

Users are often on the face to text, share emotions and interact with their friends but that is not the main purpose. Social networking facebook contains a lot of information about the products and services of many businesses. Users can go face-to-face to find information. 2/5 of them found new products and brands that they had never known before. If your business knows how to make good use of it, the likelihood of it being used by users is high. Although the quality of the product is the most important factor, advertising for that product plays an important role in bringing customers to your products or services. If your ad is boring, not attractive, no matter how good the product nobody cared for.

In addition to the ads shown on TV, the introduction of products with the ads on social networking Facebook. The ads on Facebook have a much larger audience interaction than on TV. Facebook is where users actively interact with the product or service. They can easily give their personal opinion about the ads on Facebook. It can be feedback, criticism, praise or denial. On the basis of that, the business can draw on the best ideas to change more suitable for customers.

Businesses must know how to identify target audiences such as custom audiences and similar audiences to reach the target audience. Moms use Facebook more often than others because they tend to share more about the milestones in their lives as well as the everyday moments in their lives. With dairy businesses or housewives, mothers are their target customers.

Facebook is a place where there is tremendous interaction and spread. You just have to post something hot, surely only a few minutes later it has been shared around the web. Take advantage of this to launch advertising campaigns for your product in a great way with the incentives, unexpected promotions. The faster the ads are spread, the faster and stronger. Doing well this business will be widely known through the likes, shares and comments of everyone.

In addition, your business can organize photo competitions, design banner ads for their products on the social network Facebook with attractive incentives to attract the attention of the network community.

It can be seen that a facebook is a form of advertising less expensive and reach a lot of customers. Also combining advertising via Facebook social networking along with email marketing and bulk messaging top SMS are being selected by many businesses today and bring very good results.

Then it is impossible not to mention the second social network is not inferior to the old man is Instagram it is also similar to Facebook but somewhat quiet but the purpose it is targeting There is nothing else. A product that is successful or does not have to adapt to all the applications that social networking sites

And finally, Youtube is no exception using video technology and posting consumers can also for more optimized options with a more realistic and closer look.good-logo-icons.jpg

In conclusion, appearing sooner or later in the marketing market through social networking to promote the product has brought a great success to the marketer of the product. Through this, it is possible to track information as well as analyze the actual situation in order to bring more changes or development to the brand through the comments as well as the actual discussion of consumers.


Whether a product has strong success or not thanks to the sophistication of a Marketer. Effective social networking to engage customers, cling to trust and through it to create more authentic consumer trust. Always listen to always understand the striving criteria of a product to be successful today.


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