Online Personal Branding

With business people, a strong personal brand is also essential to successful business development.

Professional personal branding is essential to success in your career as well as to other goals in your life. For business people, a strong personal brand is also essential to successful business development.

Personal branding, also known as personal branding, can be briefly described as the good impression you build in the minds of others, all that you do to demonstrate your ability and values. “Who am I, what can I do and how am I different?”

It’s not just a visual representation of the outside, but it’s also how you perceive your core values, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. It helps you to make a difference and represents what you want to share with the community. This is the only thing nobody can take away from you and bring benefits throughout your career.

Some principles you can reference to build a sustainable personal brand:

1. Clear:

Your profile must be complete with short, concise descriptions of your personality, abilities, and message. This profile should be shared through all possible channels, such as Facebook personal, personal website, job profile at LinkedIn, even Twitter or Youtube intro.

In addition to social networking channels, your brand also needs to be “communicated” vividly in direct communication. Therefore, a short but informative “summary” should be prepared, as well as prepare your message before each meeting. This way, when someone learns and begins to interact with You, they can somehow grasp who you are immediate, what you represent.

2. Consistency:

You need to be unified in the message, unifying between talking and doing, unifying communication and reality. Why, what you say, what you do, the product you consume, where you experience it, your relationships in society … evoke the association of you. Just having a message or an image of the opposition, the overall image will be “knocked down”.

3. Live it

In the age of the flat world, any problem can easily be verified. So the most important foundation in personal branding is the truth.

Do not “sanctify” your beautiful images, nor do you try to prove yourself in big words. Instead, express yourself as yourself, acting in your own capacity and character.

4. Persistence

Personal branding must be built on your true ability throughout the process rather than being created in a “phenomenal” fashion.

Brands created with scandals will not only quickly get lost, but can also be counterproductive, negative and negative.

5. Difference

In a multi-talented society, it’s hard to be the only one in any field, and it’s even harder to try to be a role model. In fact, we can copy the style or look and tone of a person, but you are still friends and they are still they, because you can not copy the personality and the truth within the person.


So a solid personal brand will guarantee the success of the brand


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