The interesting traditional customs in Croatia

Croatia’s cultural tradition dates back more than 1,000 years. Here are five interesting culture you may not know about the country that has won the 2018 World Cup.

  1. Neretva Boat Racing Festival: Modern marathons on the Neretva River are inspired by medieval pirates. The festival takes place on the last Monday of August every year. There were tens of thousands of spectators cheering along the river from Metkovic to Ploce. A crew of 10, plus a racer and a drummer sitting on a traditional wooden boat.dua_thuyen.jpg
  2. Moreska Sword: The Moreska Sword Festival takes place at the historic Korne Island, near Dubrovnik, the Croatian Lepanto Battle of 1571 that suppresses the Ottoman invasion. This dance originated in Spain in the Middle Ages. Guests enjoy this unique festival throughout the summer. The main performance at St Todor took place on July 29th.mua.jpg
  3. Footage of Grgur Nin: The statue of Grgur Nin is located outside the Golden Gate of the Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia’s second largest city. In the Middle Ages, Bishop Grgur Nin influenced Croatian people and religion. This bishop’s statue was designed by one of the country’s greatest sculptors, Ivan Mestrović. Croatians congratulate Grgur Nin for bringing good luck.swof_tuong.jpg
  4. Prayer at the Kamenita Vrata Stone Gate: Located near the main street Radiceva, Kamenita Vrata is not only a gateway to the upper and lower capitals of the capital Zagreb but also a place to pray and meditate. The corridor used to have a church built in the 16th century to honour Mary, then burned down by a fire in 1731. That is why Croatian people often come here to pray.15850964791_2d31d7425a_b.jpg
  5. Lastovo Poklad is an annual event on the remote Adriatic island of Lastovo. All island residents participate by wearing traditional costumes. The origin of the Lastovo festival dates back to a medieval historical event in Croatia. As a celebration of the people of Lastovo when captured by the Turkish messenger – who brought troops to threaten to occupy this land. Lastovo’s first Poklad festival was held in 1597.04macevniplesoviorg__1.jpg

Come to Croatia for a great experience. ⇒♥


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