Kvarner Bay, Croatia

Covered by high mountains, sprawling forests, long beaches and scattered islands, Kvarner is one of the bays of Europe’s top beaches such as Baska Beach, Cres Island, paradise beach and Rab Island.

Arrive in Croatia at any time

Croatia has a mixed climate. In the north, the climate is temperate, while the midland and mountain areas are cold. Winter in Croatia is very cold, the temperature is always maintained below -5 ° C. Summer weather has a relatively high temperature. Autumn, spring is a beautiful time, humid weather, windy man. Therefore, spring and autumn are the appropriate time to visit Croatia overall and Kvarner Bay in particular.

Moving in Croatia
To Croatia, visitors can travel by bus and train. This means that public transport is cheap and cheap, so many tourists choose.

In addition, bicycles are also a means for many tourists to choose from. Guests can rent a bicycle at the hotel’s own rental desk or at the bicycle rental centre. Besides, taxis here are also very safe, public rates are public.

Which hotel should stay when travelling to Croatia?

Croatian tourists should book hotel rooms, resorts in advance, you can go to online booking sites such as agoda.com, booking.com, trivago … have received very good prices, have not met. There are cases such as price press, room … when not booking in advance.

Please note that when booking, guests should book the hotel for the convenience of travelling. Here are the hotel accommodations that guests can refer to.

Almost all the finest and finest are placed in this country. Awarded the quintessence of climate, the richness of the culture has invisibly created a great Croatian in the eyes of tourists.

So give yourself a chance to come to this country to enjoy the best of times through climate, culture, unique cuisine, delicious taste or simply Blue water knows of the beautiful beaches in Kvarner Bay.


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