8 things you should know if you visit Croatia

Without a World Cup wave, there is little chance of knowing Croatian. But if you have the opportunity to learn deeply, everyone will be surprised by 8 cultures you have to heart to visit this country.630x355.jpeg

Local people are extremely hospitable, perhaps because they are aware of the importance of tourism to the economy of Croatia.

With its beautiful Adriatic coast, beautiful towns and celebrated music, wine and traditions, it is no surprise that this is a cross-country of cultures.

Any culture, there are things to keep in mind. On the eve of the 2018 World Cup, let’s find out 8 things you need to remember when talking about Croatian culture!

  • Show respect for their country

In general, visitors and locals always feel uncomfortable before the guy complains. Like, ‘Why is no one speaking English here?’, ‘Oh, please ask for 500 more winds?’ Or ‘Wi-fi torture too!’

This is extremely true in Croatia, so the background is not to complain so much in this country. The people here are passionate patriots, as proof that they love all that belongs to their country.photo-1-15316511691661694990761.jpg

This consciousness has been nourished by the foreign invasions that Croatians have experienced through the ages. And this is more clearly expressed in the first few sentences when you interact with local people.

Everyone in Croatia is expecting you to “WOW” every time they show you something.

You can take advantage of this to get local people to visit you somewhere. Even if you do not know the local language, talk to local people about it!

  • Do not talk about war

The pain of the Yugoslav war is still smouldering in the minds of the Croatians. No more than 30 years ago, the country was turned upside down by conflict and you can see the impact until today.

As mentioned, the Croatians are very patriotic and are not happy when it comes to Serbia.

This is further complicated by the presence of Croatian Serbs – minority members with or without different views on war.

And for this reason, do not try to deepen the issues of war when talking to local people; If so, keep a neutral point about this.photo-2-15316511707731698831863.jpg

  • Do not use your index finger, middle finger or ring finger at the same time

It sounds complicated, but it’s also about war. You see, in Croatia there is a symbol called “hello three fingers” – a symbol used to express compassion for the Serbian nation.

By expanding your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, you will be able to perform this sign.

Of course, it is worth mentioning here that tourists often do not know and use this symbol to buy three bottles of beer at a bar.

In Croatia, avoid that at all costs. In the Yugoslav Wars, Serbian soldiers used this notation to show victory.

Thus, the Serb behaviour will be pinned and sometimes push you into dangerous situations.

This is also related to war. You see, in Croatia there is a symbol called “hello three fingers” – a symbol used to express compassion for Serbia

  • Dress up as “chap”

In other words, when in Croatia, do things like Croats do. The Croatians are very attentive in their looks and in the way they dress. Clothing that comes with a variety of accessories is a statement of social status as well as respect.photo-3-1531651170774163761376.jpg

Even when it’s hot, you should spend a few minutes tidying up your outfit. This is especially important when visiting churches and sacred places.

  • Expressing public affection is fine, but please do not overdo it

Croats are usually friendly and open. “PDA storms” – expressing the public sentiment, especially of young couples who love each other, will not cause too much repulsion.

Even elderly people have rarely spoken out their opposition to the PDA. But what should be moderate, the more revealing it will be. Show public sentiment if you really love the person, but do not make delusional annoyances.photo-4-1531651170775561006547.jpg

  • Private space is not something so familiar

Perhaps this is a consequence of the proximity of Croatia and Italy – or, to a large extent, to the people of the south, private space is often not a familiar concept.

People love to cuddle when they meet, they often use hand gestures, often light touch or even put their hands together when talking.

In particular, the elderly are not even too cautious or inclined to put their arms on the shoulders of a tourist to guide them. This is just a friendly gesture, so do not be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable with it.

As mentioned, hugs only mean a greeting, especially to women. Between two guys, that is usually a handshake, a smile or eye contact.

  • Speak up!

At times, the Croatians seem arrogant and even somewhat aggressive, because they are very frank and will speak out loud.

In a conversation, even when no debate or conflict is going on, they will raise their voices too many times. Why are youth groups often screaming at each other while chatting?
Well, they’re just chatting! And so should you, try to speak loud and clear. Waiter, girl seller, the girl you are trying to impress will often prefer the people to speak clearly.

Moreover, they do not have a very good level of English, and if that’s the case, if you keep saying it in your mouth, they will feel very uncomfortable. Most especially, small talkers are often seen as shy and even prone to be jokes.

  • Words do not take money to buy, choose words that say just love each other!

There are a few topics that Croatians like to discuss. One is about family, but usually just good things.

Talk about personal issues that make them uncomfortable, even with close friends. Telling people about your family and friends and asking about their families is a great way to start the conversation.
For younger people, sports are a great topic. Men have a very deep knowledge of football, tennis, basketball, … Cuisine, a wine will often be the loving couple brought out to discuss.

Croats can spend hours talking about the great restaurant they had dinner on last Friday, or about a recipe they just tested.

A completely different topic is about the people, the music, the movies and the political issues of the present time (and again, be careful not to offend their patriotism).photo-7-1531651170784813846572.jpg

♥ This is probably the most beneficial thing needed for you to visit this country to apply to avoid bad things happen. Hope this is helpful for you guys.


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