10 things you want to carry a bag and go to Croatia

croatia-out-and-about-1200x800.jpg1. History is invaluable
There are several areas throughout Croatia that have survived the remains of the Stone Age. The evidence is that there are many caves that contain homemade objects that have been carved by humans centuries ago. In addition, most towns have historical research centres with typical Croatian architecture that you can not afford to miss. These are the ideal stopovers for travellers interested in learning about history.zadar-photos-20

2. Have a great climate
The country carries the typical Mediterranean climate. – Photo: timeout.com
Croatia has the typical Mediterranean climate, winter is not cold and spring, summer is cool, beautiful. Average sunshine hours per year are 2,600 hours, an ideal figure. This makes Croatia one of the sunniest and sunny regions of the Mediterranean, which is very convenient for sightseeing and recreation.du-lich-kham-pha-Croatia-3-8576-1531712033

3. The beach is beautiful people
The coast of Croatia is a beautiful place to be surprised by the water as the crystal blue jade clear, without a slight ripple. Not only that, Croatia has thousands of scattered islands, which are suitable for sea lovers, exploring.du-lich-kham-pha-Croatia-6-5775-1531712033

4. The culinary gurus
Stewed beef with special sauce is a famous dish of Dalmatia. – Photo: Viettravel.
Croatia is famous for its rich food and its extraordinary history, which has created a unique character in the culinary culture of this country. And the most special thing is that almost everyone here, everyone knows how to cook. From bluefin tuna, famous truffles to simple dishes like pasta with olive oil are all the dishes you can find anywhere in Croatian land.

dac diem croatia dspl 4.jpg

This has made food heavyweights such as Anthony Bourdain fall in love with the food here.

5. Excellent wine cellars

dac diem croatia dspl 5b.jpg

Here it is not hard to find a Croatian family that produces wines at home. The steps to create a bottle of wine to be carried out by the hands of family members. And the most interesting thing is that the materials used to make these bottles come from the garden of the family, so Croatian people do not have to spend money on buying materials.

6. Croatians – who are “slow to live”
Croats are always the happiest people. They do not let busy schedules interfere with life that otherwise they let life control their work. The locals always strive for a better life with coffee cups sipping every morning or moments gathering with relatives, family and friends and then watching the sunset together.dac diem croatia dspl 6.jpg

Well, they do not put too much money or build a mansion, they simply pay more attention to the interesting things around their lives and then enjoy them in a very personal way. Croatia.

7. The country is cheaper than other European countries
The prices in Croatia are surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared with neighbouring European countries. Attractions at reasonable prices are standard in Croatia. It is unbelievable that you can enjoy a full meal, delicious in a beautiful beach restaurant for only about 10 Euro (300 thousand).dac diem croatia dspl 7 (1).jpg

8. The first country to offer the idea of ​​a unique naked beachdac diem croatia dspl 8.jpg
Croatia is the first country in Europe to offer the idea of ​​resorts and nude beaches. Visitors to this place will be comfortable displaying the natural beauty of the body. That’s why this place attracts over 1 million nude lovers flocking to Croatia every year.

9. An enjoyable sailing experience
One of the reasons Croatian tourism is coming to this place, visitors will be sailing. The sailing experience is one of the best ways to experience Croatia’s stunning beauty. You can rent a boat in one day and explore the islands and archipelago. Sailing is also a popular pastime and is loved by both Croatian tourists and tourists.dac diem croatia dspl 9.jpg

10. The country has the most beautiful sunset in the world
Croatia is a country of immense suns. The beautiful sunrise of the country lies on the Adriatic coast. As the sun descends into the mountains, the horizon is clearly visible, creating two great contrasting colours.dac diem croatia dspl 10.jpg


Hope you have more useful information through this article.
Follow me to a more interesting place where all the tourists want to visit Croatia, which is the Kvarner Bay.


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